​12 keys to a successful waiting period after school.

Due to the tension and anxiety that comes with graduating from school, students after dropping their pens at their final and last paper waste a reasonable period of that time trying to figure out where they stand.

The question, “What’s next after school?” is a question that pops into the mind of most graduates and penultimates. The quest for finding answers to this question might create uneasiness, unrest, feeling of uncertainty and finally, lead to waste of time for most. As a result, we have carefully provided some steps to follow after school.
Below are some 12 keys we have highlighted, to have a successful waiting period after graduation.

1. Continue Reading: It is usually more exciting and relaxing to read when you are not under pressure of exams and tests. Dropping the pens after your final paper in school doesn’t mean you should stop reading/learning. You should read more so as to be versatile. After school is a time for you to brush up on every aspects regarding life, It is a time for you to know more about almost everything.  Read, read, read. Politics, business, entrepreneurship, health, agriculture, etc. Not only does reading broaden the mind, it keeps you up to date with necessary information. This will help prepare you for the big thing in your job pursuit.

2. Get a stable source of income:
You should have a source of income, as a graduate, pocket money might be out of the picture and you’ll be needing money to spend. Your dream job might not be forthcoming as soon as expected or desired but you sure have to be independent at this stage of life. You could get a job even if it’s not paying well, just get one. Do a business or invest in one. 

3. Attend seminars and conferences: You have all the time in the world now. In this period,  increasing your network and social influence is important. Make sure to attend at least one or two educative or business seminars in a month or two. This will help you to network and get new ideas for the future.

4. Travel: You don’t necessarily have to spend so much more than you can afford on traveling. But this will add to your social life and experience and broaden your tourist insights and exposure. Travelling enables you to ease off so much tension and stress about the future. You can try out cheap tourist attractions within your reach. You can explore going on vacation to exciting places around you. 

5. Mentorship class: You can take up mentorship classes at little or no price at all. This will help build up your entrepreneurship skills if you are one who wants to venture into entrepreneurship. Career wise, mentorship could help in channelling you to the right path. With the right knowledge and information at hand, avoidable mistakes could be averted and timely opportunities could be embraced.

6. Find a passion and invest in it: Everyone has got talent make sure you discover yours. Turning your passion into your job is easier than finding a job that matches your passion. Seth Godin

7. Be creative: Creativity can be birthed in learning a craft.  Learn how to do something with your hands.

8. Have a life plan: Set a goal of what you want to achieve in stipulated time. 

9. Be consistent: Continuity is the master of all. With consistency, Good becomes better and better becomes best. Make sure you put in your best at all times.

10. Be devoted: This period is a time for you to work on your spiritual life and grow. Speak to God in prayer. 

11. Save: Plan ahead of time. Save now, spend later. I would advise at this period have multiple bank accounts. 

12. Take professional courses: There are online courses offered at no cost. This will add to your experience and prepare you in your job search.


Compiled by Gloria Bamidele 

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