Art and culture is one way in which human beings express themselves. For some art is simply life and the ability to appreciate art is what makes life complete to them. Nigeria has history of great talented artist, many more talented artists are joining the league and it appears that in Nigeria, art has come to stay.

Atayero Samuel, a student of Fine and Applied Arts in a higher institution of learning is an artist who likes to incorporate culture in his works.  He described his drawing and painting concept of art as more or realism and little of abstraction. As it is with most other talented artist, he describes the ability to appreciate art as innate. The young artist not only engages in portrait painting, he also skilfully designs the local fabric, adire.

In one of his works titled African beauty, he portrays an African maiden with character and beauty. “it reveals character and beauty within”. “as you can see”, he says further “the face was two sided and she has an eye opened and the other closed, depicting the inward and outward beauty. All these connotes the true beauty and characteristics of an African maiden”1506261956715[1].png


Atayero draws using charcoal and pencil while in painting he uses gouache, oil paint and water colour.

To Atayero Art is everything.

“Life began with art, Right from creation, the bible says,’…and God created…’ it started with God. Artists are just imitators of God”.

Art is beautiful and artist sure emphasize that especially when they know their way around it.

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